CX Top Customer Award 2022 




CX Top Customer Award 2021 (2022.Sep.23)



CX Top Agent 2020 (2021.Oct.15)

RH Outstanding Agent 2020 (2021.Sep.29)


AAT Appreciation Award (2021.Jul.29)

AAT Appreciation Award (2021.Jul.29)


HK Most Outstanding Leaders Awards (2021.Jun.24)

HK Most Sizable Freight Forwarding Service Company Of The Year (2021.Jun.24)


CX Top Agent 2019 (2021.Mar.12)

CX Top Agent 2019 (2021.Mar.12)


CA Top Agent 2018 (2019.May.09)

CA Top Agent Award 2018 (2019.May.09) 



CX Top Agent 2018 (2019.Apr.26)

CX Top Agent Award 2018 (2019.Apr.26) 


HX Top Agent 2018 (2019.Mar.29) 

HX Top Agent Award 2018 (2019.Mar.29)